You think you’re under pressure?

You think you’re under pressure at work?

This month, a cold November morning in Essex. Industrial park. Myriad of offices putting car parking under pressure so everyone stations their cars along the side of roads making passing impossible and putting side mirrors in jeopardy of their lives.

Enter a 42 tonne articulated lorry from Boston, Lincolnshire. Obviously been on the road since the early hours, a very young looking driver with a green polo shirt advertising his company’s brand.

The only way into the entrance to the cul de sac of warehouses was backwards.

Calm as a cucumber he reversed this monstrous truck into the tiny entrance with an audience of cars, trucks and onlookers.

Talk about pressure

And the boy came good. He reversed perfectly and I took a photo of his calm demeanour.

So if you think you’re under pressure and it’s affecting your output, think again.  There’s always someone else worse than you. We need to put pressure in perspective