You Hear a Loud Crash

“Do you know this place is haunted, and the ghosts like to turn off the visuals whenever a presentation is going well”

Can be used when the slides go down and the audience lose their visuals. Or when the clicker stops working and won’t progress the slides “Beam me up Scotty”

You see things go wrong, it happens, get over it. But have pre-planned comedy to help the audience laugh it off since they’re as embarrassed as you.

Someone’s phone goes off even though the organiser or you have pleaded earlier for them to be silenced. “Time for your pill” is a little edgy but it does get a laugh.

  • You hear a loud crash outside, “I always like to start my talk with a bang”
  • You trip on the steps to the stage “I also do magic tricks”
  • The flipchart pen is dry as a bone “I wish I extended the warranty on this pen”
  • You just can’t find the handout amongst the sheets “Just give me an hour, I’ll find it”
  • The projector light goes out “Hello, wakey wakey, is anyone in there”
  • The lights go out in the room “I hope my presentation hasn’t left you in the dark”
  • You get loud feedback on the mike “This is the result of many years of inhaling helium balloons”
  • You drop the clicker or microphone “If it wasn’t for gravity, that wouldn’t have happened”
  • Something is broken “I know it’s time for a break, but this is ridiculous”