You Have a Duty to Sell

On behalf of your client if that’s what they want. And the landlords who were using the letting agent sure wanted them to sell their properties to would be tenants.

But that’s where it all went astray. The house we went to view seemed lovely on Rightmove. Large, imposing and a great part of town and we were eager to view it.

3 issues worked against us:

  1. Parking outside was a nightmare
  2. The garden courtyard was north facing and had no sun on that spring afternoon
  3. The garden was right next door to a pub’s garden

The agent had no answer to these when we raised the issues, she meekly agreed.

Now this was wrong. Her duty is to her client, she has to attempt to sell the property or help us buy it. There’s always a compromise when buying a property or rental, everyone knows that and these three may well have been a compromise. As a salesperson our job is to:

  • Know your product
  • Know its advantages but more importantly know its flaws
  • Then you can pre-empt them to make them appear less of a problem, that’s persuasion

Here’s some ideas to the above three flaws

  • Parking is only busy during the day and the new resident permit system will remove the problem
  • There is a lovely garden in the front which you could use to catch the sunshine and the courtyard will come into its own when you have hot and sticky evenings. Ideal for evening BBQs
  • And what can I say about the pub garden. Put a gate on your back and you’re in a garden enjoying the fruits of the pub or an evening meal that you didn’t cook yourself. Or you can make as much noise as you like in the garden since no one will blame you. Or you’ll never be overlooked with a new property being built at the bottom of the garden.

Maybe the pub garden is the compromise, but I’d seriously love it.