You don’t want this, do you?

This is where a negatively charged salesperson neither helps themselves or the customer.

PC World checkout, shiny new electrical gadget on the counter, credit card out. The assistant says to me “you don’t want to opt into marketing do you?

How negative.

Conditioned, possibly a personal view, an assumption, maybe what her colleagues have told her, the grapevine. Whatever catapulted her to say this to me when she was charged with selling is beyond belief.

My answer:

“Yes please, I would like to receive your updates via email”

“Really Sir? Why”

And I gave her a little one to one sales training J

The message.

  1. Believe in the product, it’s your job to do so, however you loathe the product. If you really despise it, then move companies and sell something else, since you won’t work out where you are.
  2. Don’t assume your customer is going to say no. You might be surprised just as my new friend was.
  3. Introduce it positively and you’ll be surprised how your enthusiasm can rub off.

I do hope that young lady has changed her ways. PC World…maybe a little sales coaching?