You can buy a lot of Kindles for that

My daughter Bethan and I were driving home from town last month and we saw the Gloucestershire Mobile Library parked up in a layby.

I said “Don’t they know the world has changed, you can buy an awful lot of kindles for that”

I did a quick calculation and estimated it must cost £250,000 per year to run the mobile library – staff costs, bus costs, fuel, books, insurance etc.

You can buy 2,500 Kindles for that, give them to all the people who borrow from the library plus free downloads and you’ll have enough money left over to provide personal training.

I know it’s not the same – people love to hold a book and feel the paper. No, they don’t, it’s what they’re used to. People used to love the smell of a candle and the flickering light but this didn’t stop electric lighting taking over.

My thoughts for you.

Accept change, don’t fight it, change with the times and Tewkesbury Borough Council if you’re listening, you can buy an awful lot of kindles for that.