Would you pick up a 2 pence piece?

The walk to the till at a petrol station is fraught with challenge. Cars, pedestrians, people wandering in for their morning paper. But that morning I was faced with a 2 pence coin on the ground. Should I pick it up or should I move on?

If I were a 12 year old boy again, of course I would have picked it up. At that age I would search for old corona bottles which you could redeem at the corner shop for 2p each and buy sweets. 2 pence was a lot of money for me then.

But now, sadly, it’s not.

And that’s the point. As salespeople we have to be comfortable with money and not be scared by large sums because one person’s large amount of money is another person’s small change.

I’ve heard the voice tone change in salespeople as they announce the cost of the product as £1,296. Their voice goes high pitched and almost apologetic for the high cost.

The trick is to appreciate that some people regard £1,296 as small change and you should present the figure with confidence and assuredness.

It’s an inner game issue and remember, selling is 95% psychological and the remaining 5% is in the head.