Will you fight for them or adapt for them?

I’m referring to your customers. Will you defend your space, fight for them to come back, secure their custom again? Or will you change your business model to accompany them, appease them or please them that you’ve changed?

During the pandemic we:

  • Reduced car use dramatically to eScooters (which are all over town), bikes and walking to local shops.
  • We switched much of our shopping from Tescos to the milkman and a local farm for fresh deliveries.
  • We moved all our viewing from the BBC to Netflix, Britbox and streaming channels.
  • We stopped using traditional florists for Bloom and Wild, who have a revolutionary method of delivering flower arrangements through the post, for free.
  • I cancelled my gym membership and converted a spare room into a home gym.
  • I moved away from the Victorian classroom and company boardrooms to the virtual training delivery model.

Not all these changes are everyone’s “cup of tea” granted but as a mortgage adviser, have your customers or potential customers moved away from you, the traditional face to face adviser with tidy offices to the video online professional mortgage and protection expert?

If so, it’s about time you surfed the disruption wave and moved with your customers.

The BBC, Interflora, Reach Fitness, Tescos may have wished they had.