Will AI Take Over Your Job?

Yesterday I was working with some phone based salespeople and we stumbled across the topic of AI – or automated intelligence – and how this will eventually take over transactional selling and advising.

Where the process is fairly simple – such as explaining how a repayment mortgage works or a fixed rate product – AI will take over. One of the group challenged me on this and said that AI can never imitate a human’s voice on the phone.

Immediately someone volunteered some evidence which was extremely compelling. It’s a radio advert for Hiscox Cyber Insurance. Hiscox is a renowned insurance broker who my business uses for all its insurance. Have a listen to it now, it’s only 42 seconds and will blow you away.

It’s here on YouTube https://youtu.be/SqkiJqupQuU

Doesn’t the AI voice sound real – amazing.

The message that I gave the group yesterday and to you this evening, is to not drift into transactional type advising and selling. Try and move into complex consultancy selling or advising on intricate instruments and products. Become more of an influencer, master your communication skills and how you interact with humans. Study tools such as NLP, behavioural psychology and cognitive language.

That way, AI won’t take over your job.