Why do we focus on what’s wrong all the time?

I was watching the half time report from the Test Rugby when England were playing New Zealand. The pundits kept criticizing the players from both sides.

Later that day, Match of the Day and Alan Hansen was doing the same.

My daughter’s school report came through highlighting her weaknesses and the teacher, during the open evening, kept banging on about Bethan’s shortcomings so she could improve with only a minor mention of her many strengths.

And when I was observing a sales manager giving feedback to one of his salespeople last week, the big focus was on improving the flaws.

Why oh why can’t we put more emphasis on our strengths, our plus points, our assets.

That way we could boost these even more so that our weaknesses become tiny in comparison.

So sales managers out there, try just giving praise, point out the strengths and see what they can do to build on these alone.

Let the strengths prevail, after all for most of us, me included, I have weaknesses and there’s precious little I can do about changing them, they’re with me for life. Accept it.