Who do you follow?

I’ve been fascinated by property ever since I started work in a building society as a Sixth Former in 1980. Watching one of the myriad of property programmes on TV the other day, the presenter made a very insightful point which has big ramifications for us all in sales and coaching.

They were discussing how to spot up and coming areas to buy in and Kirsty said “the simplest thing is to follow where Waitrose opens its new stores since they’re known for spotting up and coming areas”

How clever. Waitrose, as you know, is an upmarket supermarket chain here in the UK and are particularly choosy where they put their stores but they also need to grow their market share as well so are inclined to open new stores regularly.  But only in up and coming areas.

It makes you think, doesn’t it, about who we follow.

Do you follow others for tips and ideas? Why not, there’s no point reinventing the wheel. Do you copy your top performers, have a role model, a mentor?

I have two role models, one I’ve never met before but I follow his books, writings, his podcasts, videos, articles and he’s hugely influential. Faced with dilemmas I sometimes ask myself “how would Allan handle this?”

As a sales manager do you have your field book continually being updated from your top performers and do you follow top performers from other regions and areas? Your field book is the indispensable guide to best practice and should be available to all to follow.  You do have a field book don’t you?

Remember, the next time you pass a Waitrose supermarket and you’re in the market for property – they’re very well known for spotting an up and coming area.