Whisper to be Believed

Do you know, if you whisper something to someone, the chances are they’ll believe you more. It’s psychology and it works too.

I’m not saying we need to start lying, heavens forbid. But I am saying to influence someone with your idea or notion, try whispering the idea and you’ll be more persuasive.

It makes sense really. When we whisper people lean forward to be able to hear you. It appears that whatever it is you’re going to say, is not for public broadcasting so it’s important as well as true.

You could use this technique:

  • When you’re observing and coaching on a field visit, try giving your feedback in a whisper
  • In presentations, occasionally lower your voice for important messages and if you’re miked up, whisper for extra influence.
  • With customers, lower your voice when you’re coming to present your solution and if you’re close to them and in a quiet place, whisper for extra influence.

Shhhh…don’t tell anyone else.