Which Biscuit Are You?

Which Biscuit Are You?

What a strange title. We were watching Peter kay repeats the other night and saw the sketch where he talks about biscuits and dunking.

Nice biscuits are too nice and just flop in tea therefore no good for dunking.

The king of biscuits, the marine of biscuits is the hobnob. Tough and survive any amount of dunking.

The questions to ask yourself, as a salesperson, are you a nice biscuit or a hobnob? When it comes to your Inner Game and your resilience to deal with setbacks, constant rejection, cases falling through, compliance rejecting your submission, hell from your sales manager and relentless pressure of numbers.

Are you a Nice or a Hobnob?

I’m a Rich Tea, that’s my favourite biscuit, will survive a couple of dunks only.