Where do your limiting beliefs come from?

We all have limiting beliefs. These are those nasty feelings that prevent us from achieving our goals or accomplishing success that we dream of.

But where do they come from? It’s a good idea to think back and find out because they all originate from the past. Find where they came from and rid them.

For me they come from my childhood and up-bringing:

  • Wary of CEOs – having a belligerent and feisty boss when I was 19
  • That’s a lot of money – having to save for 2 weeks’ paper round money to buy a music album when I was 13
  • Selling can be tough – selling through three recessions – 1983, 1992 and 2019
  • Being rich is wrong – joining the Communist Party at college

Looking back now, they seem ridiculous and my limiting beliefs fade away.

Where do your limiting beliefs originate? Find out and you can logically get shot of them.