When on video, you’ve got to sit on their LAP

When on video, you’ve got to sit on their LAP

Well, actually, that’s impossible on video, which probably makes the metaphor work more ethically and morally. But I was told this many years ago by my Sales Manager.

When handling objections, make sure you sit on their LAP first. This is especially true when your customer is on video or on the phone with you.

When a concern or an issue or a genuine objection is voiced, sit on their LAP:

  • L – Listen to their concern carefully; it will be different from the one you read in the textbook on objection handling.
  • A – acknowledge their concern. It’s basic good manners to accept what they’ve just told you. It gives you thinking time and shows you’re professional.
  • P – probe their concern further. Often the one you gave you was the polite one after all people usually are. It just might need investigating or talking about some more. Ask questions to begin a discussion.

Then you can pitch in with your response and make sure the customer is OK to move forward for now.