What’s Your Resting Face?

What’s Your Resting Face?

Its often said that first impressions last longest and the first things we see about people is their face. More precisely, their resting face.

Politicians, in the election campaign period, have to be very careful of this as photographers can catch them off guard and capture them when their face is resting. Here’s my observations of resting faces from politicians:

  • Priti Patel has a smug one
  • Boris Johnson has a smiley one
  • Jeremy Corbin has a philosophical one
  • Nicola Sturgeon has a stern face
  • Jo Swinson has a pained expression

What’s yours? If you don’t know, ask someone close to you, but bear in mind most people will see your resting face way before you turn it into your preferred one. And first impressions last.

I wonder what mine is?