What legacy have you left?

It took us 5 hours to climb Mount Snowdon, and I was fully expecting the descent to be quicker after all it was June and the weather was clear and dry. Little did I know, it was more perilous, with slippery slopes and danger around each corner. We had to concentrate on our footing rather than the stunning views that Snowdonia is known for. Until we came across a relic from the early 19th Century.

No, it wasn’t a steam train, we’d missed that, but miles of granite paving laid out in an orderly line, kind of like crazy paving you’d see in a garden.

And did it make a difference. We could once again relax and enjoy the views as we descended the mountain into the foothills.

I don’t know who created the path, I guessed thousands of people, maybe millions had used the path since it was laid, but the solid granite showed no signs of erosion and I estimated it would be there for many years to come.  Talk about solid infrastructure.


What a legacy?

  • What about your legacy? Do you run a sales team, a training team, a coaching team? Have you infrastructure that you’ve created that you can pass on as a legacy for the next person who manages your team?
  • How solid has your recruitment been? Short and long term.
  • How is the sales process the numbers and metrics that surround this?
  • How are your sales meeting? Motivational or a chore.
  • Think of your systems, procedures, routines. Are they ready as a legacy for the next manager?

It just makes you think that we won’t be there for ever, someone will take over, so let’s try and leave a legacy for the next person, who can look back fondly at our efforts.

As we made it back to the car park, I looked back at the long granite line, which probably saved our bacon many times and to the people, probably long dead now, who laid it. Thank you, the last thing I wanted after 7 hours walking up and down a mountain was to slip on the last mile or so. Thank you Victorians.