What are my Options?

Is a question, many customers ask the salesperson, when they’ve done their researching online and are narrowing down their purchasing decision.

This happens to me regularly as I sell a lot of learning products online and occasionally people want to speak to a human to confirm their findings.

And how do we respond to this request?  Possibly with features and benefits in the old fashioned way, followed by a further description of the advantages and disadvantages. We must stop this.

Remember the customer has already researched you and your offering and if you’re clever, like Amazon, you would have put all the features online. So all the customer wants is for you to confirm their options.

Do this and then take them on the next stage of their buying process and that is to buy. They don’t want to hear any more information from you. Ask them which one they favour:

“So which option are you steering towards?”

“Which one do you favour?”

And take the sale.

Remember the cue “what are my options” is code for “I’ve done all my research, I quite like what you have to offer from your website, can you confirm my thinking and help me to buy”.