We’re all part of a big team

As sales people or sales coaches we must remember that we are all part of a team and this team can be more effective than us alone.

I didn’t get to Glastonbury in 2009 – long story don’t ask – but I did get to watch my favourite bands on BBC in glorious close up which you haven’t the faintest hope of doing when live at the festival.  Normally you get to squint at your favourite bands from about a million miles away.

One band I love is Blur – I was a fan way back in 1994 when they hit the big time with Parklife and listen to all their music. When they broke up a few years ago I didn’t let it get me down, put it down to rock ‘n’ roll and moved on in my life but when I heard they were reforming and playing at Glastonbury, my heart lit up.

Watching close up on BBC, Damon Albarn on lead vocals, Graham Coxon on lead guitar, Alex James on bass guitar and Dave Rowntree on drums – such fine musicians who are seasoned professionals and at the peak of their calling. I started thinking that good team members are hard to come by and need to be valued. In the rock business there are plenty of mediocre musicians, whom the Blur guys had come across during their solo careers, but when given the choice, they reverted back to the people they trusted and valued to produce music of the highest quality.

As sales people or sales coaches we are not islands, although it may feel that way. We are part of a bigger team, an organisation that collectively can provide a great service to customers. And when you recognise a good team member in your organisation, latch onto them and make that connection. Let go quickly of anyone who represents mediocrity and seek out those who are excellent at what they do.

Networking is something we do within companies as well as externally. Build a network of people you admire and respect. Remember we become like the people we mix with.

Remember that as a salesperson or sales coach, we’re powerful, but with a team behind us, we’re even more unstoppable. We’re all part of a big team

And what a performance from Blur at Glastonbury, four professionals at the peak of their game.

I do wish I could live in a house, a very big house in the country…