Stepping Stones© Referral Management System

There’s a small river which blocks my way to my local pub, the Red Lion, called the River Chelt. When the water levels are low, there’s one place you can cross. It comprises 3 stepping stones and ensures a dry crossing every time. If you try and jump the river, you’re virtually guaranteed to get an early bath.

This analogy works in the world of referrals.

However, many of us are reticent to ask, customers putting us off by saying they’ll have a think about it. You see, it’s too much to ask all of a sudden; it’s like jumping the river, you’ll fall in.

Instead, adopt a Stepping Stones method.

Let me give you an example. Last week I bought a small gadget that attaches itself to my broadband router and feeds extra Wi-Fi from my phone when I need it most. It’s boosted my speed by 3 times, pretty cool.

I “live chatted” as I had a couple of questions to ask. I said thank you for their help and the chap typed back, it was a pleasure to help with any query as they valued customer service since most of their new business comes from referrals.

Seed sown and the first Stepping Stone.

Next the installation, where you “live chat” with them again as it installs. It worked perfectly and the chap typed in, “If you’re pleased with the service and results, would you be so kind to give us a review on Trust Pilot.” I was pleased, so I did.

Feedback given and Stepping Stone number two.

Finally a follow up email came in asking if it was working well. I replied back yes and the next email offered me a voucher if I was able to refer two friends to them. I did.

Stepping Stone number three and success.

If they had just waited until the end to ask, I doubt if they would have been successful. They also used reciprocity to make me owe them a favour. Clever.

It really does work too and eats very little of your phone’s expensive data. Thank you, Boosty.

My two dogs ignore the stepping stones over the River Chelt, they love to cool down in the cold waters. Have a look.