You want bad news early

If you’re serious about updating your selling style to the modern “in control buyer” era, then you’ll seriously want to adopt this concept.

But you’ve got to be super confident of your capabilities and have a resounding belief in what you’re selling. Otherwise the concept won’t work for you.

If you do then read on and I’ll explain.

The concept is to remove yourself from the selling situation if the chances of a successful sale are remote. So:

  • Qualify ferociously upfront. Use the vicar close early “is there any reason why you may not want to proceed with our proposal?” will reveal any competition.
  • Securing the right people in the conversation has been known for decades. Try this one though “who else, besides yourself should join us?”
  • Pre-empt the no. “When we meet, let’s see if the chemistry is there. If not we can both walk away”

When you agree to an initial exploratory meeting with your prospect, change your thinking. Yes, they’ll be judging you naturally since they’re the ones paying. But you’re entitled to judge the client as well, remember you have that right.