Visual is where it’s at

Have you used Uber?  It’s the app for your phone that’s taking over the world’s city transportation. And if you’re a cab driver, you’ll be up in arms about their taking over your business.

But I’m not going to debate that issue, just how good their app is.Uber-Taxi-NYC2-1024x615

When you call a cab, you can see on a map, in real time, the arrival of your car. You see it graphically moving along the road until it reaches your destination. No need for words or descriptions, just pure visual.

How good is your visual?

How much visual do you provide in your coaching sessions? Do you create diagrams; use an iPad to show graphics and pictures, photos?

What about in selling? Perhaps you carry around a packet of whiteboard pens and you draw illustrations on the boardroom white board rather than boring people with a whirring PowerPoint.

And your PowerPoints? Yes they are mostly pictures, images and photos aren’t they?

In your webinars and Skype sessions, do you take every opportunity to show a graphic rather than talking, maybe share your screen if that serves to visualise. Even have your video on the screen, that’s visual.

In telephone seminars, you could ask the audience to join you on a padlet. is a useful app that allows your audience to interact on the screen whilst the seminar is running.

Everybody expects visual nowadays, Uber have shown this to the transportation industry which, sadly, is being left behind in their wake.

Are you?