Virtual Reality and the Future of Communications

Facebook has just spent $2 Billion on Oculus, Google is backing a secretive new company called Magic Leap and Microsoft has developed an impressive new system called HoloLens.

And what are they all producing? Virtual Reality devices so users can immerse themselves in a virtual world. A big failure in the 1990’s but now seems ready to revolutionise all aspects of human interaction.

Maybe a few years’ away once the cost comes down but the implications for sales and sales coaching are immense, a real game changer. And time for us to prepare I think, I am.

Here are some events to look forward to:

  • A real sales meeting in the company boardroom when all your sales people are at home
  • Being able to recruit salespeople from across the world, no barriers
  • Travel costs = nil
  • Training salespeople in a real group setting – banishing forever the ludicrous eLearning page flipping
  • Meeting customers face to face without traveling.
  • Bringing in company experts into all sales calls.
  • Is it a salesperson or an avatar powered by automated intelligence
  • Not needing salespeople anymore?
  • Recruiting problem recognition and solving experts.

We need to start planning for this as it will replace many of our roles as we currently know them, we need to up-skill so we can simply slip over to the new roles not even created or invented yet.

Scary, yes. Exciting, yes, the future, yes.