Verbal Buying Signals on Video

We’re all very used to picking up non-verbal signals to help us move the sale along. Watching body language or people-watching is a pleasurable thing to do, but in this day and age on online video meetings, we don’t have this luxury.

So we have to tune in and focus on their face but more efficiently, their voice and words. Here’s how.

Imagine a traffic light. Red means stop, amber means proceed with caution and green says go. Place this imaginary traffic light above the computer screen and periodically determine which colour is showing according to the motivation fo your customer.

To hear them, you either listen to what’s being said and their vocal qualities or stir them by using a test close “How is this landing so far?” or “How does that sound?”. Use these test closes at any time when you’re not sure what the colour on the traffic lights is.

Here’s what varying vocal clues can say about the colour:

  • An excited tone can often mean green.
  • Likewise talking faster can show green excitement
  • Questions around your product or service can hint green as well
  • On the opposite side, throw away remarks can indicate red
  • And can reservations being vocalised
  • A quiet customer can hint amber or red
  • As can short sharp responses and a louder tone

If faced with red or amber, you need to challenge it. Use the “I sense this…” phrase to challenge, or use a test close such as “talk me through your thinking on”

Naturally, you can also use these tips on the phone. And you never know, one day we may settle back to real in-person meetings more often.