Using Single-Use Video Calls in Sales

Do you remember single-use cameras? Cheap plastic cameras that came with a film built-in, very popular in weddings where guests took shots themselves and left the camera on the table to be developed later.

This idea stems from those.

We’ve all used Zoom or Teams or another kind of video package where we connect with one or more people to have a conversation or meeting.

Try using the same software for another purpose – that is to hook up with someone for a long time as if you were sitting next to them. Ideal if you’re both working from home or working virtually. So, for example, you could:

  • Connect with a colleague all day on video and imagine they were next to you in an office, occasionally asking questions or just “shooting the breeze”.
  • If you’re a business development manager, you could connect with a vital team member such as the mortgage underwriter.
  • As a salesperson, you could have an “always-on” video with your admin or sales support person.
  • An internal BDM could connect with their external BDM
  • Teams could work together all-day
  • Husband and wife could connect

Well, maybe not the last one, especially if you’re working in adjoining bedrooms.

And I don’t think single-use cameras will ever be popular again at weddings with less than 15 people allowed unless you live in Southall.