Use speed bumps in emails to ensure they’re read

How can road speed reduction methods help your customer to read the whole email you sent them? Here’s how, let me explain.

In towns and cities, 30 mph limited roads are strewn with speed bumps. These annoy motorists, damage cars but do slow traffic right down. They work.

Emails are a problem just like roads in town. People speed through them both. Speed bumps slow cars down so speed bumps can also slow people down reading emails to ensure they get the whole message.

How can you add speed bumps to an email? Here’s some ideas

  • Write smaller sentences
  • Have shorter paragraphs
  • Aim to have just one topic covered
  • Have odd headings to stimulate
  • Change font and size to stop the reader in their track
  • Colour the important paragraph
  • Use “urgent”, “don’t skip this bit” as paragraph breaks

Try one or two next time you send an important email and you’ll be amazed how much attention people will give to the contents.