The True Role of a Sales Leader

I travel the world on business and meet myriads of sales leaders from the CEO to the humble and hard-working field sales manager and the good ones all have something in common.

This resonated with me here in Bangladesh working for a large insurance company where the CEO epitomises the true role of a sales leader.

Her family set up the company; she took the reins a few years ago. She first built her team of senior managers, the key leadership team, recruiting diligently and effectively. She works hard at keeping her team, motivating, inspiring, mentoring. The results are evident. I’ve been to Bangladesh three years’ in a row and the same senior management team are there, enjoying their roles and performing commendably.

She provides the vision, the direction and spends her time talking about the vision to people inside the company and others outside. She trusts her people to do their jobs achieving the vision.

That’s the role of a sales leader, or the ones who get it right.