To qualify or not to qualify, that is the question?

To qualify or not to qualify, that is the question?

Wasn’t that Shakespeare? LOL – learnt that from my teenage son – that’s LOL not Shakespeare.

We all know that all new prospective customers have to be qualified to ensure we’re a fit and they are willing to come along with you in your sales process.

I talk about MAN – motivation, ability and need – these have to be assessed early in the sales process. How about a different angle on the ability question or the dreaded budget question?

Use a metaphor or analogy. This one works with football (or soccer to our American cousins).

The European Champions League is well known for its fabulous football, extortionately paid players, huge capacity stadiums of adoring fans and millions of paying TV customers. It’s a spectacle.

League Division Two, on the other hand, is better known for its pies, long ball tactics and below 5,000 average attendance. It’s rarely streamed on TV and is normally supported by local fans.

Now ask the customer. When you bought this product or service before, was it a Champion’s League purchase or a League Division Two buy. It’ll get them talking about the kind of budget they have and at the very least you’ll know if they are a football fan. If you are too, this builds commonality.

To qualify or not to qualify, that is the question…or football discussion.