Tips to Handle Your Connection Fail on Zoom

We’ve all run meetings when an attendee has dropped out. They usually come straight back in. This doesn’t affect your flow as the presenter.

But what happens if you, the organiser, lose contact and drop out? Unless you heed the tips below, the meeting also might come crashing down around you.

  • The meeting will continue without you. Zoom will assign someone else to be the host. A random participant will be selected as the host, so transferring a co-host is good. Zoom says they are working on an option to move all meeting participants to the waiting room if the host loses connection.
  • I introduce “CRAMP” at the beginning – C = Contingency plan – I outline what we will do if my side crashes and appoint the co-host then.¬†Click on a participant name and choose “Assign as co-host.”
  • If you’ve opted for an audio option on the Zoom meeting, you can quickly phone in using that and relax the group. You’ll only have audio, but you can call a break whilst you get back in via your computer.
  • If you are recording to your computer, the recording will stop. If you are recording to the cloud, the recording will continue, which is a better option. I also automatically move the recording over to my Vimeo account for long-term private storage.