Tips to handle Generation Y

I’ve been working with a team of graduates over the last week or so helping them improve their customer engagement and customer care skills.

They’ve ranged from age 22 to 27 and represent the generation which we call Gen Y.  Gen Y’s were typically born between 1980 and 2000, sometimes called the New Millenials.  So if you have anyone under the age of 30 in your organisation, then you have a Gen Y.

Here’s what I learnt over the last week or so that might help you coach or sell to this generation:

  • They need the boss to be their mentor, guide and personal coach, so get coaching.
  • They’ll be more loyal to the boss than the company, so get to know them if you’re the boss
  • They want change, are quite used to it and thrive on it
  • They do bring a fresh outlook to your organisation, so take the gamble and bring them in
  • Boy, do they know technology and expect us to know too.
  • They work as a team, want to and expect to.
  • They definitely appreciate the environment, i.e. preserving it, so try to build this into the way you coach them or sell to them, play on any green credentials and really mean it too. I know when my daughter says “I love you Daddy“, I know when she really means it.
  • They value weekends hugely and time off, so reward them with this rather than bonuses.
  • They respect modesty and don’t go for the “razzmatazz” they don’t believe it or trust it.
  • They are very quick to pick things up, like training and education, they need this, they feed on this.
  • They need a career path open to them, so make it happen for them.  They’ll leave you if they don’t see a progression in their skills and knowledge.
  • Money is not everything them, conditions, training and the people are equally as important. Make it so money is not an issue for them and give them challenges and a chance to make a difference.  That’ll motivate them.
  • They are very quick, massively sharp, can multi-task with ease, so put them under pressure.
  • When training don’t teach, put them in a research environment so they can learn.

Graduate unemployment is at an all time high here in the UK, which is a vast shame, as they can offer something different to your organisation.  Let’s face it, we upgrade our technology every year, our company vehicles regularly, our buildings periodically so why don’t we upgrade our team members?

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