Think Modern Customer, Think Teenager

Do you remember being a teenager?  I do. Read on and I’ll explain how modern customers and teenagers are spookily alike.

As a teenager, I remember having the whole world in front of me, being so full of choices and options, always having to make decisions and never stopping still. Always going out and meeting people, only doing what I wanted to do and realising that the world owed me a living. And more than anything else, I didn’t need my parents, or thought I didn’t, I thought I was self sufficient.

Bring back memories?

Maybe so, but isn’t it uncanny how today’s post recession customer is similar to a teenager.  Maybe if we think along the same lines, this might help us to match our proposition to what they’re looking for.

Think about it, today’s post recession customer is:

  • Busier than ever before, always attending meetings online and offline.
  • Always thinking of something that will benefit them and their company
  • Being smothered in choices much to do with the internet, having too much information to cope with.
  • Needing to make the right decision with no risk.
  • And more importantly…the internet means they don’t need salespeople, they can buy most things direct.

A few thoughts to help your selling in 2011 and onwards. Think modern customer, think teenager and you won’t go far wrong.