A communication trade secret

Everyone likes a trade secret, I know I do.

NLP gives us the thinking styles where people have a preference to think in a certain way, to represent information in a unique manner. Some people prefer to think in a kinaesthetic way, with feelings, touch, reactions. Others prefer auditory with sounds, words, language, some folk prefer a digital thinking style with logic, processes, non-sensory. But by far the majority of people, particularly Generation Y, like to think in a visual manner, with pictures, images, colour.

Naturally, everyone can have all four in their heads and can communicate quite comfortably in each mode yet the secret is to realise that people have a preference for one or two.

But where’s this useful and how can it help us sell and coach better?

You’ll want to pick up your customer’s style and then adapt your mode of communication to it. If you do there’s two massive payoffs.

Firstly, talking in their language, using their preferred style helps you become a little like them. Commonality is created on a subtle level.

Secondly and here’s a little known trade secret. Folk find it difficult to distinguish between their thoughts, which are in their own language, and words spoken to them in their language. This means you can speak to them in their language and they’ll start to think it’s their own thoughts.

Spooky eh?

Which is why embedded commands in hypnotic language work really well. Merely make suggestions within your words, and hey presto, they’re influenced.

Promise though, you’ll use this with the right integrity, won’t you?