There’s Nothing Wrong with Influencing

Because it works. And it’s all about results.

The British Government took a gamble in 2010. Like all governments they need to encourage citizens to pay taxes, follow the laws and modern administrations like to embolden us to live longer, stop smoking and take exercise.

In the past, they would use public information films to limited success.

But in 2010 David Cameron set up the BIT – Behavioural Insights Team. Using psychology and various methods of subtle or hypnotic influencing, they improved the results of over 150 projects.

The one I liked was inspiring people to donate organs by using the principle of reciprocity – “You’d be happy to have a transplant if you needed one, so why not help others”

BIT was a complete success.

So use some influencing techniques and you need go no further than reading Cialdini’s principles of influencing and adapt the methods spoken about in the book to your everyday work and life. It’s all about results.