The Snowdon Guide and the Modern Salesperson

Many salespeople still run their selling processes; sales trainers still teach their selling methodology; sales managers still preach using the phone at every opportunity.

Perhaps they’re stuck in a space-time continuum. The world has changed and no longer are we the salespeople of old placing our customers within a selling cycle, customers have moved on.

Let me explain how with a short metaphor.

A couple of years’ ago I climbed Mount Snowdon in Wales with a bunch of friends for charity; nothing special – thousands of people do it every year. We had a guide, and she helped us to the top. She aided us to keep to the path, warned us when the going got rough, helped us through some tricky spots. We arrived safely yet exhausted but we felt we had achieved something quite outstanding. The guide slipped away into the night.

Our guide is the modern salesperson. There to help the customer along their buying steps, guiding them along safely, so they reach the end and buy whatever it is they need with the salesperson facilitating the process.

Think about your customer’s journey. How do they buy, if you don’t know just ask them. Respect it and let them carry on along it guiding them when they need your help and they’ll own the process.

Then you can slip away into the night.

Remember the customer is now in control, not you.