The secret to a world class business

I do get very frustrated and annoyed with companies that feel they have a monopoly or hold over you because they have the infrastructure, the tools and software that you can’t do without. Call these resources.

I have countless exasperated telephone conversations with SKY and would rather use another firm, if I had a choice but we don’t have fast broadband here so rely on satellite which they dominate.

Although I’m very happy with my bank, many people I speak with have horrendous stories but can’t move because of the potential hazards involved. Now banks have highly respectable resources – branches, computer infrastructure, software and money. But also seem to lack the ingredient that Sky lacks as well – capability.

Capability is everything else beyond infrastructure – great customer service, fabulous technicians, brilliant sales and marketing, total customer dedication and so on.

If you have the resources and you demonstrate capability, then you’ve nailed it and if you can sprinkle in some values such as integrity, belief in what you do and drive to save the world…then you’re truly world class.

Wouldn’t that be lovely if Sky could do that, after all, their resources are second to none.