The real secret to customer care

I have a firmly held belief. All long walks we embark upon from outside of our home in Gloucestershire must loop around a giant circle and have a pub half way along the route.  It’s my prophecy, it’s the law in our beautiful part of the country.

Boxing Day was no exception. A brisk 4 miles across the meadows towards the River Severn, the weak winter sun doing its very best to keep our spirits up. Over towards the Coombe Hill Nature Reserve, along the disused canal tow path to the welcoming arms of the Swan Inn.

Having two gun dogs in tow, sodden with wet and mud made eating and drinking in the Inn  a complete no no; so we found a hidden patio outside. The wilting sun and the shelter from the wind kept us warm and toasty. Out came a young lad about 18, who looked after us impeccably whilst we ordered and consumed their food and drink.

Now I compare customer care I receive with the very best, it my job. My wife finds it quite tedious but she agreed that this young lad excelled. I had to ask him how he learnt it at such a tender age.

He thought carefully, obviously an intelligent boy, “It’s having confidence and a brilliant upbringing from my parents who taught me well.”

So the message. It’s nurture that breeds good customer care, you can train it of course, but excellent or wow customer care comes from good recruitment. c

We enjoyed our stay at the Swan Inn so much I had 3 pints of their best cider that afternoon; goodness knows how we made it home across those water meadows on that sublime Boxing Day afternoon.