The perfect tool for the job

About to embark on my exciting trip to Moscow, I faced the Heathrow check-in desk. Daydreaming I saw a small dog with the waggiest tail I’d ever seen. And he was off the lead too. I thought someone had lost their dog until I saw the handler and the cute canine friend being allowed onto the conveyor belt to sniff the bags and people’s legs.

I soon realised he was sniffing for drugs and explosives.

The perfect tool for the job.

Are you using the perfect tool for every job? Of course, you personally are using the very best technology to achieve your goals, but I’m referring to your team.

A dog’s sense of smell is 900% better than a human. This is well known so why shouldn’t we train them to sniff for drugs and explosives. And the way he was wagging his tail, he was obviously thoroughly enjoying himself.

Take a look at your sales operation. Are the right people in your team doing the right job:

  • On the front desk, are you putting your warmest people who can start up a conversation with a Martian.
  • Do you use robots for automated tasks, for handling commodities? Computers do this really well and put it online and your customers can do it themselves.
  • Do you put your most curious people in advisory or consultant roles? People who are naturally curious and enquiring?
  • What about your phone people? Have you in situ those who love talking and listening to people on the phone. My son, for example, hates the phone, some people don’t do phones. I wouldn’t put him on the phones for his work.

Everyone is recruited well of course, but everyone also has their own unique qualities and when people are doing the job that they excel in, they enjoy it. If they enjoy it, they do it well. That’s the  law.

And my little hairy friend, he was having the time of his life scurrying around sniffing and meeting lots of legs along the way. The perfect tool for the job.