The perfect test close

Whenever I get the opportunity to observe and coach salespeople in action I always ask what they would like me to look out for and coach on.

The most popular request for help is how to close better. “I just don’t seem to want to close my customers…I guess I’m afraid of the reaction they’ll give me”

And fair play, no one likes rejection.

How do I help them?  I show them how to test close, which once explained, salespeople pretty much say “I already do that.” I respond “How”. The salesperson replies “I ask them how they feel”

“All the time?” I challenge.

“Yes, anything wrong with that?” they would say defensively.

“No but it’s a bit repetitive, try tailoring it to the thinking style of the customer so it has greater meaning and resonates with them.”

Check the eye movements.

If they generally move their eyes upwards, then they prefer to communicate in visual ways so use visual words.

“What benefits do you see there?”

“How does that appear to you?”

If they move their eyes sideways, they probably prefer communicating more auditory. You know words and sounds, so

“How does that sound to you?”

“Tell me your thoughts on that one?”

Finally if they move downwards with their eyes, down right, then they’re probably more kinaesthetic or feelings based communicators, so ask them

“How do you feel about that?”

“Tell me what are you thinking?”

This is actually quite advanced selling and fun too. Try it next time you want to close your customers without them knowing that you’re closing. That’s clever.