The new car syndrome and your attitude

Have you noticed that when your mind focuses on something, you see more of that something.

  • Our newest car is a Mitsubishi, we’ve never owned one before, but now we see Mitsubishis everywhere.
  • When we had children over a decade ago, all we saw were kids, buggies and children on board car stickers.
  • Whenever I go on a diet, all I see are forbidden foods.

This rule of attraction can help you manage your emotions and your Inner Game.  You see, if you go about your daily lives with a positive attitude, an optimistic frame of mind, you will see more opportunities to become extra buoyant. You will find situations where you can find some value and luck towards your goals.

It’s really that simple.  Engaging a negative mindset and you’ll stumble across negative situations and events will become more negative because you gravitate towards them.

Believe this or not, I prefer a positive state of mind, its more fun.

And now my children are all but grown up, do I miss buggies and car window stickers saying “little angel on board“? Well would you?