The Magnificent Seven – Selling Virtual Tips

One of my favourite films and a wonderful reminder of the 7 essential elements of good video selling and presenting. In no particular order:

  1. Audio – use an external mic, not the device built-in.
  2. Internet Speed – buy faster, focus on upload, not just download speed, connect via cable and have a backup.
  3. Ambient Noise – remove echo, use a headset if you get the echo and suppress outside Noise. You can do this with software.
  4. Lighting – natural light or a ring light in front of you; wear coated anti-glare glasses.
  5. Framing – set your Zoomzone or Teamscape, adjust the camera picture, use the rule of thirds.
  6. Camera – use an external webcam to your laptop or a DSLR if you’re really posh. Maintain eye contact with the cam lens and the person on the screen. But don’t be a robot – no one likes a starer – you can look around.
  7. Background. Remember, people look behind you, so care about your environment, get it professionally curated. Care with virtual backgrounds – people like authenticity.

Easy to remember, hard to forget  – a bit like the film.