The Inner Game of Referrals

As professional advisers, we pride ourselves in doing an extraordinary job with our clients, so why do we not ask every client for introductions or referrals?

Here’s why.

Last month I was working with a group of professional advisers and I made the point that referrals are crucial. In response, I received a wave of eye rolls and a consensus “of course Paul”

So I then asked them if they’re actually asked for referrals and suddenly everyone broke eye contact with me and looked down.

So I asked them why not, and they replied:

“It feels weird”

“It makes the conversation get weird”

“I feel like it’s too salesy”

“I feel like I’m begging them for something”

“It never seems like the right time”

My conclusion. It’s all in the head. Question away these beliefs and you’ll turn on your referral management system. It’s not difficult to ask, it’s just difficult to convince ourselves.