The Hay Fever Pill and Selling

I’ve suffered from Hay Fever since I was a child, with a slight respite when I lived in central London for two years in the mid 80’s. No grass there.

Now we live right bang in the countryside surrounded by grass, wheat and rape seed fields and my hay fever is rampant.

The answer is to take anti hay fever tablets but I’ve been doing this for years but during heavy pollen days in July the pollen gets the better of me and strikes me down until…

Claire suggested I start taking them in January, way before pollen rears its ugly head. So I did and a miracle, no more symptoms, completely clear year after year.

The reason logically is that you’re filling up your system with the medicine that prevents hay fever. I’m getting my body used to the onslaught of the pollen so it can combat it in its own way. I’m preparing well.

What’s the message for us salespeople and sales managers? Do you do an adequate amount of preparation before meeting your customer or salesperson for coaching. Do you:

  • Research them online – without getting creepy – it’s amazing how a five minute search can reveal lots.
  • Know your product and processes completely and utterly so you’re customer focussed during the meeting. I’ve met salespeople and coaches who are “winging it” a tad and are too product and process focus and forget about the customer. This is a sign of incompetence, don’t allow it in your salespeople, Lazy, arrogant people wing it.
  • Are you up to date with your industry and sector, know the latest fads and expositions.
  • Have everything stored on a CRM system – in the cloud – so you don’t have to rely on memory.

A few ideas to help you prepare thoroughly, never to be underestimated.

I’ve heard local honey can also cure you of hay fever as well, anyone else found this.