The drake and motivation

At the last count we have 12 chickens including 1 cockerel and earlier this year we inherited a duck, just one, and he’s a drake. We have a number of coops and they all mixed well together, laying eggs for my breakfast.

But there was something wrong. The drake seemed subdued, solemn. He was not happy so my wife popped over to a local farmer and bought four female ducks and introduced them to the flock.

We’d found our drake’s hot button, his WIIFM, so I took a photograph.

Notice how proud he is, his head held high, scampering around with excitement. And closely followed by his badelynge of girls, who adore him.

We found what intrinsically gave him motivation.

You see you can’t motivate people, salespeople or anyone in fact. You can only provide them with something, or surround them with something, and they motivate themselves from within.

We know this don’t we.

My message is to find out what it is that will help your people to motivate themselves, explore their hot buttons, their WIIFMs and provide it to them, if you can.

Our drake is a different duck now since we provided him with his WIIFM and the eggs the ducks lay are to die for. Larger than hen eggs, with a glorious orange yolk. I have a surplus each day so if anyone is passing, just tex me and you can savour them yourselves.