The Compass and the Right Tool

I love the sun, always have, but in this country, we get very little, and in the winter, it’s grey steely skies that predominate. So when we started viewing properties during the winter, very few agents could answer the question “Is the garden south-facing”. We all looked to the steel sky, couldn’t see the sun and were none the wiser.

Until one agent whipped his phone out, accessed his compass app and duly told me. Very impressive.

It begs the next question? Do you have the right tools to do your job:

  • CRM
  • Cloud storage
  • Devices
  • Apps and software
  • Communication devices
  • Database
  • · Web software

The list goes on. If you can invest in a tool that saves you time or gets you more business, then that’s a sensible option. Just like my agent with the compass app.