The Bap Van

The meeting was going well. My client and I were deciding the next steps when the silence was abruptly severed by the Bat Man theme as loud as you can. The sound came from the communal car park.

“Na na, na na, na na, na na; na na, na na, na na Bat Man…..”   Theme tune click BatmanTVShowThemeSong.

I rose from my seat and stared outside and could see a sandwich van screeching around the corner proudly displaying the bat man theme tune and the insignia – The Bap Van.

“That’s the local sandwich van…he’ll do anything to drum up business” said my client and sure enough within a couple of minutes, the van was amongst a throng of people.

How clever and what an opening statement. The music captures your attention, the sign on the side adds humour and before you know it you’re buying your cheese and pickle sandwich and pack of crisps from him.

And what about your opener, your sound bite, your value proposition, elevator pitch…call it what you like. Does it gain attention and capture potential customer’s interest as much as my Bap Van.

AIDA – done brilliantly by Alec Baldwin in my favourite film Glengarry Glen Ross, does this well – attention, interest, desire, action. An oldie but still a goldie.

I’m told the Bap Van’s best seller was a Stottie – any ideas what that is?