The 90:90 Rule

She couldn’t do anything wrong, she was loved by millions, a perfect embodiment of the 90:90 rule. She also made mistakes, but we forgave her.

He was also adored by millions, a trusted sportsman and great evangelist. Again, he made some mistakes, but the world forgave him. Another incarnation of the 90:90 rule.

The 90:90 rule is very simple yet profound and will have an immediate and impactful effect on your selling and coaching.

In the first 90 seconds of meeting someone, or seeing them on TV, we make up an impression of that person. We’ve known this for like, ever. We often forget that 90% of this first impression lasts forever, whatever goes on in the future. It’s called the 90:90 rule. In the first 90 second of meeting someone, you make a lasting impression that will remain intact by 90%.

This makes the whole concept of first impressions so much more vital. So how do you carry yourself off in the first 90 seconds? How do you walk, instigate the handshake, break the ice, smile, match body language and energy, engage eye contact? What are you wearing, are you shoes clean, your car outside the client’s offices? After all, visitor spots are always close to the entrance and people have been known to peer outside their window to watch you – so assume that they are.

If the first 90 seconds worked well, then the customer will place a neat halo over your head and you will get away with the odd mistake or two. However, if you blew it, you’ll have a perpetual pair of horns instead. Not good for business generation.

I first saw her on my grainy black and white TV in 1981 when she looked down at the camera and slowly raised her eyes in such an innocent shy manner. And for him, it was 1971 when he first spoke about race relations. Princess Diana and Mohammed Ali.