The 60% Perform; 20% Progress and 20% Prospect Rule


  • 60% Perform
  • 20% Progress
  • 20% Prospect

The percentages are the amount of time you ought to spend on this area as a proportion of your working life. Do this, and you will have a successful business. The path of least resistance is to drop both the 20%’s because you become very busy performing your job and decide you have no time for anything else.

  • Progress, by the way, is time spent progressing your knowledge, skills and capability through self-development and learning. It is known as sharpening the saw.
  • Prospecting is doing everything to fill your business funnel — marketing and bringing new clients into your Practice. Many advisers seem not to enjoy this side of the job, lots of rejection you see, and humans don’t like rejection; we were taught that as children and bounce away from it.
  • Performing is doing the job, selling, advising, managing your business. The enjoyable part, the piece that earns your daily bread.

Keep to the 60:20:20 and you won’t go far wrong, drop the two 20’s at your peril, believe me, I’ve been running my business for almost 20 years now and have experienced the pain of losing these in favour of performing. It’s a pain I don’t want to have again, nor do you.