Team lessons from Mount Snowdon

July this year, sunny, warm, clear. Myself and my family set off on the Pyg Track to climb Mount Snowdon in Wales.  At 2,000 metres it’s not the highest of mountains but gruelling to walk to the top nevertheless.

We were part of a team of 44 people including 3 guides and we were walking for charity. The team had different abilities, various ages, shapes and sizes.

It was tough, like climbing stairs for 4 hours. Some of the team found it more difficult that others, but we all pulled together to help each other.  Slowing down to let everyone catch up, cheering each other along, keeping the conversation buoyant, maintaining our motivation.

We did these things because we bonded. We all had a common goal, that of climbing the mountain as a group, raising money for the special charity.

What about your sales team or coaching team? How have you allowed them to bond? Do you support a charity event, a sponsored something? Have you common team goals as well as individual targets? What about a common enemy, this pulls teams together like no other.

As Joe Vitale said in his book “Buying Trances“, people and teams will do anything for you if you:

  • Allay their fears
  • Help them throw rocks at their enemies
  • Confirm their suspicions
  • Encourage their dreams
  • Justify their failures

We reached the summit, here’s a photo.


We pulled together and made it to the top. And we celebrated too, down the pub at the foot of the mountain, as all bonded teams should.

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