Super, smashing, great

Who remembers the famous catchphrase – super, smashing, great.

Used by the monumental Jim Bowen from the 1980’s quiz show – Bullseye. So full of clichés and such fun. Jim was down to earth, serious and ran the show like clockwork. But he kept on saying super, smashing, great.

After a while it became quite annoying.

What about you?  Have you latched onto a phrase or string of words you’re using too much?  I do. These phrases can irritate people even annoy them when over used.

Absolutely, excellent, obviously, awesome, fantastic.

They start inane and end up annoying.

So spot them, accept feedback and stop it.

If only someone had told poor old Jim back in the day, that his phrase would live on forever, for the wrong reasons, he’d never have used it. But wasn’t he…super, smashing, great.