Staying Alive

Last summer, a grandfather who suffered a heart attack on a bus was saved by a passenger who performed CPR on him whilst singing the Bee Gees “Staying alive”.

For those of you, in the know, you’ll recall this was a TV commercial hit starring Vinny Jones, who promoted to conduct CPR to the now famous tune.

So how is this connected to business presentations and sales? I’ll explain.

The TV ad used the ingredients that a true presenter should use when giving a message to an audience. It used:

  • Music – the Staying Alive, track is upbeat and easy to sing along to
  • Visual – the images of London “Geezer” Gangster Vinny and his accomplices
  • Movement – continuous movement of the scene
  • Comedy – it is very funny

My message is to use these ingredients in your presenting.

  • Music – don’t necessarily use music but provide an aural stimulus
  • Visual – definitely get more visual and I don’t mean more PowerPoint slides, I mean props, real images, Prezi
  • Movement – add plenty of kinaesthetic movement to your presenting, not by you, but by your audience or group
  • Comedy – enjoy yourself, have fun, don’t take everything too seriously, go along with the humour of the group, tell amusing stories

The clip’s a hoot and saved Terry Holly’s life. Well done BHF and Vinny.