Splash Down Marketing Success

This week I’ve been working on some online products we’re launching very soon and I needed to do some research into pension sharing requests when couple divorce as the rules have changed.

The lessons learnt from this will help you enormously in your online marketing.

Let me explain.

I googled “pension sharing order” and my new friend – Phil O’Connor – appeared at the top of the paid for search results so I clicked on his webpage – www.thedivorceifa.co.uk

Splash down, I landed on his splash page and watched a neat video and was invited to download a useful report which would explain all the information I wanted.

I completed the form with my name and address and downloaded the documents.

Phil had captured my email address and began to email me to see how he could help.

Very clever and a perfect mirror of how online marketing can help you. So here’s what you can do:

  1. Firstly, like Phil, choose an incredibly detailed niche for your business. For example “developer finance”. Set up an account with Google to pay for every person who uses that term in their search and let Google send them to your webpage – your splash page.  For a niche search term, you won’t have to pay them more than a pound for every click. If you choose something like “mortgages”, you’ll pay hundreds of pounds for each click. I’ve just done it and First Direct and the Post Office came up top and they’ve marketing budgets in the millions, you don’t.
  2. On the splash page, put a video of you explaining what you do, write a report on developer finance opportunities and deals and let your new visitor download the report in exchange for their email address.
  3. Then start marketing slowly to them over a period of time.

Don’t make the mistake that Phil made though. He emailed me every day for 4 or 5 days seeing if he could help me. I unsubscribed, it was too much.